March in melody


Don’t listen to what they say. Go see.

I was just getting off the plane that took me to my home island, Java. Another plane is tearing up the sky, leaving the blaring noises behind. Some other travellers are rushing to the exit door like they’re running out of time. I look around, and see no familiar face. I continue to add speed as I’m walking to the baggage conveyor.

Of course my choice will fall on the return journey, if you ask me which part of travel that is most delightful for me.

But when the answer is that easy, isn’t that easier to just stay? To not moving at all and just stay in our position right now? Why bother moving if the goal is to come back?

That’s how life can be funny. We eat today and hungry again tomorrow. And of course we keep on eating and eating again on the next day.

To move is not the necessity in life. But I found out it’s the best exercise to keep us uncomfortable. And you know, a lot of good things in life can be born out of there.

Although perhaps like many of you, those stranger faces are not my favorite too. But if you get to know maybe one of them, it’s like traveling to a different part of the world. It’s a completely foreign land. Sometimes it can be boring, but the other time it can be super inspiring.

But of course, life has deeper meaning than a stranger. Still, it’s bizarre that I choose to leave those who I truly love just to live surrounded by those completely unknown. And as well as for me, I feel it’s too bad to see people stay even though their chair has been worn out and it’s hurting them.

Still, some people choose to stay in their treadmill and some people are running outside, barefoot. Still, both of them will hurt, cry, smile and laugh eventually. No one is wrong and the truth is not lying out there. It’s not in the book, not in the movie, and the foremost it’s absolutely not in the billboard. Keep still and peek inside. It’s right there, inside of you. I belive you know the answer. It’s just sometimes we’re too afraid to find out and figure out a way to walk the heart.