What am I up to these days?

  • Split my time between Jakarta and Tegal (no more overseas travel for the rest of the year, I guess. Although I already bought a ticket to Japan in November. Let’s see how it goes)
  • Binge watch a lot of stand up comedies. A new hobby that I picked up from my housemate. My current favorites are: “the tall kids” aka John Mulaney, Taylor Tomlinson (it’s probably because we have the same concern for Quarter Life Crisis), and Chelsea Peretti (she make me want to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine). For locals, I love Dodit Mulyanto and Bintang Emon (his DPO content is just amazing!).
  • Currently managing a podcast about Women in technology, called Kartini Teknologi. It’s mostly in Indonesian (although we do English episode once in a while), but we provide transcripts on Indonesian as well as English in our website.
  • Work remotely at Mozilla since the end of 2016, now as a Support Community Manager. I recently talk about what it means to be a community manager in a podcast.
  • Current favorite album: The new abnormal by The Strokes. It’s amazing how they could describe Sunday to be as accurate as “Not getting angry, I’m staying hungry”.

What’s next?

  • Tinkering with an idea of writing a comedy book (which might be surprising for a lot of people out there, given my reserved personality). But really, there just too many bizzare things in my life that I hope I can share to more people.
  • But well, I might need to finish my book draft about remote working that has been sitting in my cloud folder for awhile now.

This page is inspired by nownownow.com by Derek Sivers.