I have a really good feeling about 2019. Even the first day of the year, I already got a surprise of the birth of my first nephew. A sweet little boy..

But I know this gonna be a challenging year for me now that I decided to live back in my hometown rather than continue to live in Bali or going back to Jakarta. But don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my time in the island of paradise. But looking at my 2018 timeline, it’s clear to me that Tegal is where my heart is belonged.

Inspired by some folks in the twitter feed, I think it’s fun to do a brief revisit of the 3 personal accomplishments of 2018:

  • Finish my book script
  • Bought a house
  • Read 36 books

Now, to start 2019 I wanted to refresh a set of values that I need to hold on to in the next 12 months:

  1. Dicipline
    Everything is easier when you start small.
  2. Spiritual
    Always put God first before anything else.
  3. Feelings
    Pause if you’re unsure. But don’t sugarcoat yourself in order to look strong.
  4. Others
    Open up your shell and circle yourself with the right kind of people.
  5. Work
    Don’t hesitate to do more than what you ought to.
  6. Hobby
    Keep on writing! However, time is too limited to finish a book that you don’t genuinely enjoy.
  7. Food
    Don’t feel bad for growing your cheek and belly.
  8. Financial
    Don’t spend before doing budgeting.
  9. Authenticity
    Keep on being intentional. Your self-approved version is more important than what society told you to.
  10. Knowledge
    Stay curious! There are lots of other things in this world that you don’t understand (yet).

With a seat belt on, let the 2019 begin!

I will run a monthly newsletter about my journey towards intentional living. This mostly gonna be a short essay about happiness, minimalism, or just life in general. Various experiments in 2018 taught me that I was happiest when I became the driver of my own life. 2019 will gonna be the next level of this journey. You can subscribe here if you’re interested.