Some of you might already know that I moved to Bali since February. I’ve been thinking a lot to move out from Jakarta for the past year. But the feeling escalated in the end of 2017. Malang is one of my favorite city that came into mind when I think about moving out. But Bali seemed to fit all of my consideration.

And no, it’s not because I hate living in Jakarta. In fact, I felt so much at ease living surrounded by all the modern facility and infrastructure that Jakarta has to offer to the point that I realize it became my comfort zone. And Java in general has been a tremendous safe nest for me. So I decided that moving out from the main island could be the starting point to step out from my comfort zone.

Bali in the other hand feels foreign enough for me to challenge myself. I’ve been to Bali just once before I move there. Eventhough I travel a lot for the past year, I recall I’ve never live outside Java for more than a month. The longest I’ve been in foreign land might only be 2 weeks. In Bali, I get to live in another culture and I can also experience living as a minority. While I’m not being part of the majority, I hope to gain more wisdom on tolerance and open my mind about living in a diverse environment. And with all the beauty that the island offer, it seems like a fair trade for me.

On another important note, I also have other personal project that I would like to get done in this year. Moving out to Bali is one of the thing that I hope to bring more inspiration for this project moving forward. I would probably talk a bit more about that in another post when I feel ready. (:

It might be too soon for me to describe what do I think about living here so far. But of course, moving out itself has teached me so much already. Giving up on many things as well as leaving family and good friends behind is never easy. But I believe we need to keep outgrow ourselves as a person and I know I needed this change.

So folks, if you happen to stop by in Bali, feel free to let me know! I might be able to take you to the best pizza place on the island. (;