Why am I a Mozillian

IMG_2016-02-26 22:46:48

I come from a small village in Central Java, Indonesia. When I was still in elementary school, one of our classroom was collapsed after a hurricanes. It was terrible. We have to use an old classroom from an abandoned school near our building. We should distribute the bookshelves from our library to another class so we can make use of the library room to be our classroom. As a realization after that experience, I then challenge myself, “let’s see what the other part of the world can offer after you finish this phase.”

So I convince my parent to let me apply in the junior high school in the central city. I got accepted so they can’t argue too much. There where I start to know the internet. The time when I started to see a broader view of the world besides of my small village.

But internet is still quite expensive that time. I use telephone cable to connect me to the internet (if you familiar with these number » 080989999, then you know what I mean). Mom will scold me every time I connect the telephone cable to the computer because the telephone bill will be so expensive. She even lock the PSTN unit so I can’t unplug its RJ11. But thanks God, because not long after that, there’s internet cafe era where I can access internet waaaaay cheaper. And there I started to know Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is the first gate where I enter this internet world.

Now after 9 years, it’s hard to believe that I’m now a Mozilla Representative. Mom not scolding me anymore for connecting myself to the internet. Now I even teach her how to make use of the internet. But I believe there are still many people that face the same issue as what I encountered 9 years ago. They have limited resource. And maybe even worse, they have no clue if there is a thing called internet that they can use to learn so many things, not limited to Facebook or Whatsapp. There, is where I would love to chip in. To let them know that the internet is all ours. We can make use of them to enrich our knowledge, to start a business, to uplift our life.

I believe in one value that I’m quite sure most people will agree. That is, we want this world to be a better place. So become a Mozillian, spread the web literacy, and telling people how to protect their online privacy is one of my attempts to make this world into a better place. ((: