One can't have too much happiness


We gathered on a long table in a satay restaurant. Soup and goat satay were served along with refreshing-looking orange juice and ice tea. There were a couple more minutes left before the break fasting time and we were excited about it.

Soon after, I joined my dad who took my sister’s son outside to avoid the satay’s smoke. As the break fasting time approaching, we went inside and join the others back on the long table.

During the meal, as I was loading more satay into my mouth, I came to think about one phrase. “One can’t have too much happiness.” I see I have eaten 3 pieces of satay. There are more satays on the table but I don’t think that I want more because “one can’t have too much happiness.”

Isn’t it a strange thought? I’m eating one of my favorite food with my beloved family, why wouldn’t I want more? “One can’t have too much happiness.”

But can’t we? Of course, we can. I do think that we can do whatever makes us happy, as long as we stay civil. I think this phrase is just my coping mechanism because although one can (and should) be happy, we should also remember that there will be times when we feel the complete opposite and that’s fine too. Life is a wheel, so the rotation is inevitable.

On top of that, I do the same thing when I feel negative emotion. I always think that we should have a deadline to absorb our fear, grief or anger. Having a deadline means that we accept the emotion but also capable of controlling it.

As I was chewing my last piece of satay, I savored the texture, the tenderness, and the spice that added more richness to the flavor. And as I was looking at my mom, dad, sisters, brother, and my nephew, it almost like I can feel my blood rushes through the vein. The satisfaction is almost indescribable. It’s one of the best feelings ever! Alhamdulillah..