The most precious things

I was waking up from a beautiful dream this morning. It was night and I was in a balcony. And there is a building in the sky that I was trying to capture through my phone camera.

But then the earth rotating swiftly. I was not be able to capture the building. But it was still a beautiful sky complete with the blinking stars. I stare at them and muttering how beautiful this God’s creature is.

It got me remember about a jazz song that I liked. My favorite thing by Kalsea Ballerini ft Joey Alexander. It’s actually a christmas song that mentioned some of the most favorite christmas stuffs, and so I then think about my favorite thing (on a more general one). And for me, these are:

  • Beautiful sky complete with its hanging clouds. Or the sky that is full of stars.
  • Newly planted paddies which make a beautiful verdant landscape.

Those are the two things that can spark an instant joy in me. Nature provides everything that we need to be happy. And this is a reminder for me how happiness is something that we don’t need to seek far far away. Because it’s already there. We just need to notice it. (: