What Jakarta could offer? "Options"


I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes me decided to go back to Jakarta. And I guess I found the answer, which seems obvious from the title of this post. Options.

“Options” is a luxury. We can’t afford “options” if we have less capital. So the idea of being presented with various “options” make us somehow feel like we have a lot. And of course, as a human, we like that feeling. It’s just very natural for us to feel satisfied with abundance.

But the problem with “options” is the illusion that “we have it all” while it’s not the case in most cases. Because “options” is only an entrance. “Options” is an alley on most supermarkets that has lots of products. You have to examine the products to make sure which one you’d like to have and go to the cashier to make a final decision.

Personally, I prefer to feel that I don’t have many options since it tends lead me to decision fatigue (sidenote: here‘s a helpful article to overcome decision fatigue). And as a remote worker who has a lot of freedom (read: “options”), let me tell you that you need certain dicipline (read: “decision making”) to make it work.

Let’s just say that it’s an irony that I sign up for this decision for having more options. Because in the end, I would agree that having “options” is still necessary. “Options” make benchmarking possible. Options put our brains to work. Having options is what differentiates us from our childhood.

I think in the end, let’s just agree that options is not the goal. We haven’t even start if we’re still thinking about which option that could offer us with the most benefit. Let’s remember that the hard work relies on the analytical thinking on the decision making process. We should strive for a decision, not for more options. (;


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