Rep Resources training - Learning and improvement


One of our goal for this quarter is to continue working on the implementation of the RepsNext initiative. That includes the opening of the the applications for the Rep Resources Track. The idea behind the Rep Resources is to have specialized Reps who are trained to help communities and other fellow Reps to plan strategically how they use the resources that the Reps program offers. This ensures that resources (budget and others) of the program are used in the most impactful way and according to the guidance provided by Mozilla’s strategy and the Council.

So by the end of July, we teamed up with a few selected Reps who agree to test our training. The idea was to test & get feedback to improve the process and the content of the training. The 6 people who agree to take the course are:

The first training took place in the last week of July and it lasted for 3 weeks. Every week, the Reps needed to read the material that we have created for them in Teachable and to take the quiz. By the end of each week, we gathered in a video call to discuss the material and gather their feedback.

The major challenge that we experienced at the training was the connectivity issues and how to find a time slot that works for everyone. Considering the above, we are thinking on trying Telegram group chat as an alternative of Vidyo meeting for the next training round.

Another feedback that we got from the training was the need of guideline for the receipts. As a result, we created a new wiki to provide examples on which receipts are accepted and which are not.

By the end of the training, 5 people successfully completed and were interested to become Resources Rep. However this doesn’t mean that they would automatically become, since they still need to be reviewed based on the requirements that we have. But of course, they don’t need to take the training anymore as they took it already.

Couple weeks ago, we announced the opening of the Resources track application. The application is now closed and we’re working on the announcement. Please keep an eye on our Discourse topic to get more update.