August in paragraphs


It’s totally not easy to take care of the house. Only the first day after mom and dad’s leaving, my brother and granny were sick. A few days later, my sister got sick as well (luckily, I was in Semarang at that time). But I’m so fortunate to have some caring aunties who help us set up daily chores in the house. Because I need to keep working.

The reason why I love living away from my parent is because I find it easier to live alone. You see, taking care of your own self is easy when you used to do it since high school. But when I decide to be in charge of the house when my parent leave for Hajj for 40 days, I know that this is gonna be different. How I should compromise with the mess in the house or how we should always have something in the dining table because you don’t know when people get hungry.

But I should say that I learned a lot during this time. Especially how to take care of my brother who just enter high school. Because I swear that it was incredibly hard! I understand this is the time when teenage just feel like they have their own world. So the very first thing I want to do is to try giving him trust. I find it hard especially since I always heard his mischievousness story from my parent. But as I watch him everyday, it’s getting easier because people has pattern. Now I know how my parent can easily tell when I lied.

I also find it hard to express love to him because I don’t want him to feel that I attach myself too much. Pampering teenage like him can be be bad as well. And you know, teenage has their own fun thing to do, while in the other hand I also want to take him to groceries just so he has the liberty to pick his own favorite thing (at least, that’s how I show that I care for him).

But anyway, I think the best lesson that I got is how to put more humor into the house. One day, my brother refuse to get up when I ask him to wake up to pray ied. I’m so upset because last night he went out to play and go back at 1am. So I scold him that this is his fault cause he came back so late. I even slammed the door. He got up in the end. But later in that day, he intrude me when I took a nap. I was going furious, but I can’t help myself to laugh. He’s mimicking what I’ve done to him earlier today. Humor bond the family together and keep the nuance of the house to be fun.

Other things from August:

  • OI failure get together was kind of fun. We need to accept our failure. Acknowledge it and move on!
  • Took parents off to Hajj
  • A short getaway to Semarang and finally meet baby Kahfi.
  • Got sick for the first time in this year. Got a bad sore-throat after coming back from Semarang.
  • I started watch The Bigbang Theory and can’t stop myself from watching it until now.
  • I also ditch into more docummentation movies. It’s a girl and A billion lives made it to my recommended list.
  • Sister was trying to be romantic in my 24th birthday.

New things I try:

  • Took driving course
  • Trying to grow Chamomile after inspired by a blogger who make her own tea.

Things I let go of this month:

  • A necklace I bought in Hawaii.
  • An old 1 GB flash drive I use since high school, which life comes into an end.
  • Boxes of phones that I use since junior high school.
  • A big chunk of cloths I have in my hometown.

Some good words:

  • Wise words I got from an online article. “Make sure the other person walks away better for having met you. - Robin Dreeke”
  • Note to self: “Sometimes, people don’t mean to hurt us. They just wanted to make themselves feels better. World doesn’t revolve around us. Don’t take everything personally.”
  • Best advise of this month: “Only buy something when you can afford at least two of them.”

Cool things to check out:

No Delights of the month section for August since I don’t cook in my home town. :b