October in pharagraphs


I finally get out of my shell this month. Setelah 2 bulan di rumah, bulan ini dapat pengalaman baru di acara GNOME Asia Summit. I’m glad that I decided to come because I got to meet the awesome GNOME community and the trip to Chongqing was one of the best that I have so far this year.

The end of the month was so hectic. Lagi banyak kerjaan dan musti mobilize kesana kemari sampe akhirnya saya jarang masak. But in the beginning of the month, I managed to try Soufflé receipe! The taste turns out right even if the look isn’t so appealing. :b

I also learned that I need to train my judgemental self. Often times because of my bias on food, I made myself in a lot of trouble when picking up food. Yang mana akhirnya jadi nyusahin diri sendiri.


  • Visit mailtarget office. And finaly, get myself to try the famous African goat, Wildebeest. It’s pretty yum, actually. Too bad that we can only get it in North Jakarta.
  • Note to my self for this month: Distraction didn’t solve your problem. You need to confront your anxiety!
  • Look at this repo! I finally made my first step. :D The road is still long, but I’m glad that I somehow managed to roll.
  • Jadi ternyata, meskipun bikin visa China itu sungguhlah gampang, petugas imigrasi China justru lebih ribet dari pada petugas imigrasi lain yang pernah saya temui. Contohnya nih pas mau masuk, mereka mempermasalahkan bagian paspor belakang saya (yang ada alamat, dsb itu) yang ada bekas tip-xnya. Lumayan lama mereka periksa dan tanya-tanya, untung abis itu masih dibolehin masuk. Fyuuuuh. Dan nggak cuma petugas imigrasi, security check in-nya juga minta ampun telitinya. Bawa portable speaker di checked baggage aja diminta periksa. Yawla~
  • When it comes to meet Ong, that means it’s time to learn fincancial management. Hihii. It always great to meet an old friend and share a good learning together. And look! We got to try King Mango -the most famous drink in West Jakarta recently. But no, we will not make a second mistake. The queue to get this drink is insaaaaaane!!
  • Play bowling for the first time with the Endless team. I met some of them in GNOME Asia and it’s great to see more of them in Jakarta. I always love a company with a good mission and Endless definitely has that.
  • Write a post in the Reps blog for the first time. :D

Another thing that I learn in term of financial management:
Kuncinya adalah diversify! Menaruh uang di satu tempat is a big no no. Ada kalanya nanti saatnya butuh, simpanan kita di tempat lain itu sangat membantu.

And the last one, a great financial quote that I get from an article:

Spending is public. But saving is private.