November in paragraphs

2018 is coming closer. I still remember how hectic October was and the most part of November seems not too different. Lots of late night work, working from the airport and train. But I must say that it seems familiar and I enjoy it. That spirit reminds me of my youth time (oh, do I feel old already?) which full of excitement.

But I do thankful that I still have sometimes to cool down when I visit Cologne. I still remember how the guilt creeping out everytime I feel that I don’t deserve this leisure. But I somehow managed to stay away from my laptop which is soooo relieving.

And I do thankful for my decision to get hosts rather than stay in hotel during my visit to German. I feel like it improve the experience. And turned out that it makes me realize, “Hey you’re not an anti-social, you know that?”.

  • Watched the first classical concert ever in my life. This thing has stood for long in my bucket list. Though I heard that Aula Simfonia conduct classical concert every month, the excitement never move me to go there. Just the time when I heard that La La Land in concert will stop by in Jakarta, I know that this is the perfect moment. And I don’t regret any single bit of my decision to buy the platinum ticket (cause I get a perfect seat) even if I have to go alone. I might consider to go to more classical concert again in the future.
  • When it comes to traveling, I knew that I always good on direction. But I just realized that I’m no good on predicting weather and matching an appropriate attire. I was thinking I will be fine in a jacket that I use in London when it was 10 degrees celcius. But 4 celcius in Berlin is another story.
  • Get my ass to work from a real office after 1 year working alone from home is a new experience. I found myself coming back to solitude space rather than immerse in the chaos with my colleagues, which then I felt sorry about. But I guess I just need more time to adjust. However, I definitely enjoy the landscape of the Spree, and our culture to eat together during lunch. Sure it feels different, but in a good way. (:
  • Getting most of my German visit to be Germanized by the food. I’ve tried Bratwurst, Schnitzel, Sauerbraten, and even Kölsch. I eat Dinkelbrot for breakfast most of the time in Koln. And of course, I tried Doner Kebab. So the time I come back to Indonesia, nasi padang was all I need.
  • I realized fiction novel is not my thing. So I picked up a memoir when I shop in Cologne. The super famous Eat, Pray, Love book by Elizabeth Gilbert. Aaand, turns out that I love it. There’s something about her writing which is so honest and imaginable. I love it when she treat adjective as an object and the way she pick beautiful Italian words. And I even finish it only in around a week.
  • This discourse of moving out from Jakarta is getting real..