December in paragraphs


All the sorrow and trouble of this world is caused by unhappy people - Darcey from eat, pray, love

2017 comes into an end. Lots of lessons but many more things to learn in the next year.

December teach me that putting things together and make dependency on each other is not an act of efficiency. Sometimes, we just need to get the shit done without thinking so much about the efficient way to do it.

Some interesting movies that I watched lately: Black swan, The Circle (this remind me of how awesome Tom Hanks is and I think I need to allocate a weekend to watch his every movie), and What happened to Monday(now you know how important the birth control is).

Austin was awesome. This city is by far my favorite city in the US that I’ve ever been.

Talking is not trying - The glass castle


I end this year by voluntarily switced off my laptop for the first time after i don’t even remember how many months and went to an island (barely) without internet. And this feel so good. (: