A call from home

Many people are afraid of the blinking cursor on a blank page. But I somehow love it. A new-post page on a blog platform is like a home for me. It feels therapetic whenever I come across it.

Today, this lonesome is dragging me to homesickness. But, instead of going back to my real home, I decide to just come back to my virtual home. So technically, this blog post is the product of my longing for home.

And I always love this type of moment. When words pouring down from my brain into the keyboard (or a pen, sometimes). Writing is like having a documentation of your mind.

I’ve also tried to channel my creativity in some other form. Be it music, crafting, or doodling. Though I also enjoyed those activities, but there always be a situation that led me back to writing. Even I’m shamelessly having “write a book” as one of my bucket list.

And I remember back then, there was a good friend asking me “why don’t you pursue career as a writer”? I myself, not sure about it that time. But then again, a programmer is also a writer, right? It’s just we write codes, instead of words. (:

But now I think I kinda recognize the pattern. Writing is like a medicine for me. It’s like, people meditate to calm their mind, but as for me, I write instead. So next time whenever I feel tired or lonesome, I will no longer worry. Because I know the cure. A time like that, is a call to write. (: