Learning from the swag survey in Q1


Everyone loves getting swag. Especially for the initiatives that they believe in. And that’s exactly what we do in Mozilla Reps. But sometimes, distribution process of the swag to many parts of the world face many difficulties. That’s why we conduct the swag survey in the past month to get insights from the Reps on how they feel about the current process.

And now the result is out. As I incorporate the survey result, I learn some things from the feedback that the Reps have provided in the survey and here are some take away that I learn:

  • Many people are satisfied with the quality of the swag but not with the shipping process.
  • Local swag procedure helps a lot in terms of reducing delay of the shipping process.
  • Reps would love to see information of what’s available in our inventory and what are they getting in the package.
  • The approval is sometimes slow and there’s no way to get a fast track way to request the swag.

With that said, some improvement ideas are ready to be excecuted in this quarter, including:

  • Make some changes in the procedure based on the feedbacks from the Reps.
  • Update the wiki to reflect the improvement & our current activities.
  • Create an open & accessible information of what’s available in our inventory.
  • Work with the local communities to better manage the resources & improve based on the feedbacks from the local survey.

You can check the full report here. And please chime in on the Discourse if you have any other burning feedback. We would love to hear them. (:

Photo credit: Pierros Papadeas