Something on the brain

  • One day, a friend of mine said something like this “No matter how high the salary is, I never want to be a programmer.” We used to be in a same major in college. And to think about it, I think she had mistaken my choice to pursue a career to be a programmer. In my opinion, all job in this world will be frustrating if we’re on it only for the money. I pursue this career because I love technology and I always love to learn new things. I don’t want to put aside my passion to learn just because people said that it’s not common for a girl to be a programmer. I don’t want to prove that their judgement is wrong. I just think that I should follow what my heart whisper to me.
  • The truth that I come to realize in this late twentieth. Do not only focus on yourself. I mean, try to find something you can do to help others. Not for the reason of getting something in return. But because this life is all about sharing. Isn’t it? (:
  • I’ve been getting a lot of people telling me something like this lately. They said that it must be nice to be a Mozilla contributor who can be invited to travel to lots of new places for free. But the harsh truth they don’t realize that is, no, it’s not that fun. The truth is, it’s something that I can’t afford in real life. And getting it for free doesn’t mean the problem is solved. We’re not there for vacation anyway (We’re there for a clear purpose, remember?). I keep contribute in Mozilla Community because it open my mind about what ‘global’ really mean. It broaden my view about this world, and I get a chance to work with lots of another awesome Mozilla contributors & staffs that I can learn from. Also, I can practice & improve my English a lot ever since I join this community. The opportunity to learn, is one priceless reward that keep me in this community. And btw, travel to new places is not to prove that our life is awesome (maybe it is, for those who own lots of money). I love to travel because it broaden my view about this life. It’s the chance to learn something new that is more important to me than the nice photo we took in a strange land. And also, I think the more you travel, the more you will realize that the most comfort place in this world is not gonna change. It’s our own home, seriously.
  • Something I just come to realize lately. I put aside my friends, because I love to write in a quite place. I put aside many opportunities to have good conversations because I prefer to read something that I think will more beneficial for me. I put aside date offer because I think it will waste my time that I can use to do something else that I enjoy more. Many times I think to my self that I must be too selfish all this time. But after a few contemplating moment, now I realized that I’m not wrong and so does everyone else. It’s just that we have different priority. I’m one of those people who is maybe more self-centered. And it’s okay, because our priority can also change over time. It’s also a reminder for me to be more understanding over those who have different priority from me.
  • One good article that I read lately. Written by Benjamin Hardy, it tell us how to take control of our time so that we will not fall in the loop of exhaustion because we can’t wisely manage it. I think it’s one of those mandatory articles that everyone should read.