September in Melody


When I think about Paris now, I have no idea why I keep thinking about cherry blossoms. Somehow I pictured of pink petals cluttering garden with its beauty. A beauty that you might never object.

At first, I’m a little excited about trying various kind of French pastries. But I also heard a lot of ill comments about Paris before, so I become too nonchalant about going there. Some people said that it’s dingy and stinky, so I give almost no attention to my itinerary (except that I bought a ticket to The Louvre). I thought “I’m going to work, anyway.”

But boy, Paris made me felt like I was being part of a classical movie set. Being surrounded by lavish buildings with huge and very high pillars felt contrast when I look at myself and realize that I was in a plain shirt with not even any pleats. I will definitely ruin the scene if I was in a real set.

Even the office building made me felt like don’t belong. Think about an entrance facing a whirled large stairs with high ceiling. And the main hall with dark-rose colored walls and large pillars in the same feature. Wing doors with wood carving in gold. And it gets better when you looked up. Magnificent glass ceiling with decorative ornaments surrounding it. All of which made me felt like going back to the Renaissance period.

The way Paris captivate me is like meeting an aged, beautiful lady in a street. She walked with a smile perched nicely on her face. You may not have time to feel excited at first. But looking at her nicely done hair and her elegant-looking dress complete with an oval shaped pendant hanging on her chest, you just can’t help but to put on a smile too because her beauty bewitched you somehow.

You might question now. What about the cherry blossoms? Actually, I never saw one when I was there. But you know, someone may have a vary imagination of beauty. And I guess mine is cherry blossom. (: