The moon and the star

You’re aiming for the moon
And you know I always obsessed with the stars
“Isn’t live is too boring to only looks around?” you said
I smile in approvement

You took off your spacesuit helmet
You said the moon is mother earth’s best friend
Shining the dark of our nights
“What’s the stars means for you?” you ask

I said “the guidance”
Whenever I see it
I know that doesn’t matter how small it looks
The most important is
How it can be beneficial for the mankind

“Hey, aren’t they waiting for you?”
I don’t want to get a hold on you
If it means to stop you from your dream
I know it’s time for the space ship to go now

But then you smiled
“Can you look up to the sky?” you ask

“I know it’s a long way to go there
But that’s exactly why I need you to fill out the space in between”

My tears are starting to burst
To imagine how big is the space he was mentioning

The following is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard
“Let me look for the ways this time
Next time, I’ll bring you along to see the stars
I promise”