July in paragraphs

July was started with a realization that there are still bunch of things that I need to learn. I realized that at some points, I limit myself to be at a certain point just because I don’t want to draw further gap with my surrounding. But really, I can not stay and just accept everything thrown at me. I needed to pursue what’s really matters to me.

And if I was busy to read more book in June, in July I was occuppied with watching more western tv series. This all started after my visit to Hollywood WB Studio. The studio and technology was astonishing, but I realized how little I know about those shows & TV series. I was more into Korean drama since college. Even though it’s been ages since I follow the Kdrama trend. So I decide to watch 13 reasons why when I stumble upon it. It was great, not to mention the harsh truth that it carry. Bullying is a real problem.

Some highlights & learnings in July:

  • The Incoming show in the California Academy of Sciences center was mind blowing. It was like a real VR but cooler and more real.
  • I regain a new hobby on the end of July. Watching documentary movie. It’s all started after I watched The True Cost movie which makes me feel kinda guilty to ever idolize one Japannese fast fashion brand which turns out to has bad track record. The movie completely change my thinking about consumption. Although I’m very much familiar with minimalist living, I realized there’s a lot things I dont know about consumption and the supply chain of the industry. Even I made a blog post about it.
  • Getting started with bitcoin.
  • Help the research team from Taiwan for their market research in Indonesia.
  • Lose my favorite bottle in a train was reminded me that I should not attach myself with any stuff. Sometimes, cause I don’t own many stuff it’s so easy to be attached to them. But we often forget that the most important thing about stuff is actually the funtionality. I shouldn’t be sad but instead I should cherish the stuff cause it did a great job although now it has accomplished its purpose.
  • I should really learn to speak louder.
  • The Taiwan research team gave me this cap. And to think about it, this is actually the first and the only cap that I have. And I love it (:

Some good words:

  • Do it for yourself. If you do it for other people, you end up wanting them to acknowledge it and to be grateful and give you credit. - Gretchen Rubin
  • We rely on connection to survive - 13 reasons why
  • We hide our insecurity in humor - Lucifer
  • Money and health. The lack of them brings much more unhappiness than possessing them brings happiness. - Gretchen Rubin
  • Refusing to be happy because someone else is unhappy is a bit like cleaning your plate because babies in India are starving. - Gretchen Rubin