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Hello there!

My name is Kiki. I’m currently being part of the Community Developement team in Mozilla, working with bunch of awesome Mozilla contributors who are being part of the Mozilla Representative program. Before joining Mozilla, I was a front-end developer in a local news aggreator startup in Jakarta (formerly Gnews). When I’m not working, I love to write, code, playing with my guitalele, or simply sipping a cup of tea.

I started this blog back then in 2012, but I’ve been blogging from around 2005. Here in this blog, I mostly write about my general view of life, my minimalism journey, or very seldom about travelling. I did some books review, just occasionally.

Other than writing, I also love to talk about privacy & security on the internet, or sometimes rambling about tech communities. You can see some of the presentations that I’ve done in the past here.

I currently live in Jakarta. Mostly lurking in the Mozilla Community Space Jakarta, which is actually open for anyone who share the same spirit about the open Web or open source. If you have any specific question (or just want to say hi), don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or contact me through my social media.